Monday, April 6, 2009

New Artwork

Well, kind of Artwork. I decided that the bare wall in our basement needed something. Because as you can see by this picture it is quite boring!

So, I decided I was going to add my own personal touch - and viola - art! So, it may not be the best art ever done, but I like it, it kept me entertained for a few nights, and it only cost me $20! Seriously, $8 for the paint, and $12 for the canvas. (The canvas was on sale, I wanted one size bigger, but that was not on sale, therefore more than twice the price)

Here is me in the process of painting. First I drew the lines, then I painted the lighter colors. I also used tape to help me get straighter lines. If you are going to embark on painting your own - I would suggest that you test the colors first, and make sure that you are using the lighter and/or thinner colors first. (My tan was the color that went on the thickest, therefore would even cover up black in one coat, and next to the yellow, the red was the paint color that needed the most coats, because of how thin it was)

Here is a close up of the painting- I am sure that you can tell that not all the lines are straight, but close enough.

So, how did I chose the colors? Well, our main colors in the basement are red, black, tan, and brown- so those were obvious. But a few weeks ago, we finally hung a picture that Nate got in high school, when his Spanish class went to Spain. (Below) You can see that this was made special for Nate "Jeronimo" ! Well I took the yellow and the teal from this picture as inspiration (I left out the pink from the bull fighters tights!).

Totally a weird coincidence, you can see that we have 2 jars of Tootsie Pops on the top shelf. We have had those for a while and just refilled them with a new box of Tootsie Pops, and they happen to have a new color - Teal, which is actually the flavor pomegranate - so even our candy is fitting into the new color scheme :)