Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nate's Woodshop Class - Dining Room Table - 4.23.2009

The table is underway! I picked up the table legs and side pieces last week from Menards. I don't have the tools to cut down the legs (4x4's) so I had them cut them for me. They do a much better job than the Depot.

You can see that the cuts still weren't the best so I had to do a little clean up work last night. You can also see that the cats got after the plastic wrap! I sanded down the ends, got them flat, and then broke all the edges to avoid splinters.

Some of the edges are still a little rough but these won't be visible when the table is assembled. To show you what I'm working with, I've got an old table for a workbench, the $10 special Menard's sander and some sand paper. I'm using pretty coarse paper to start to get rid of all the roughage. The finer paper will be used when I am applying the polyurethane to the table.

Tonight I started to stain the legs. Meg and I both like the darker look, this is the same from the console table. I believe it is dark walnut. All the pieces of wood for the table are white oak so I think this should turn out really well.

To apply the stain I'm using a foam brush. I let the stain sit for a few minutes and then I wipe it down with what I call the "Stain Sponge". Close up is below.

I highly recommend the gloves! I will let everything sit for the evening and put on coat #2 tomorrow night. Keep you updated!

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