Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Finally getting around to downloading the Halloween pictures.  

This year was pretty fun.  The kids knew what was going on, and they understood that when we went to a door that meant they got candy.  

 We went over to my parents house for dinner and to hit up a few houses.   We only went to about 7, but still managed to get a bag full of candy each.

Someone ran out of M&Ms


Because we were not at our house, we put some candy in a bowl outside on the front step.  I fully expected the candy to be all gone when we got home.  To our surprise, not only was the candy gone, but the bowl was gone too!  Seriously - who takes a bowl?

While Halloween is a fun holiday, it is really just the start of my favorite time of the year.  Last week I ordered personalized Christmas stockings (since I never got around to it last year) and I don't feel bad about buying something so early at all!

On another note- our house has gone through some major changes on the outside in the past few weeks... we will hopefully be posting pictures soon!

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  1. They have to be the cutest Mickey and Minnie I have ever seen.