Monday, July 13, 2009

My Husband = Multi-Talented

Nate and I recently decided that rather than buying individual birthday presents for each other, we would go together and buy a laptop. We currently have 2 computers: one in our office, and one hooked up to the TV in the basement, but a third computer, one that we could use anywhere (to blog more often, Molly) would be really nice.

But, I was complaining then, that we would have some pictures on the desk top, and some on the lap top, and it would get really hard to organize things. So, Nate decided that it was time to set up a network. Now I can access any computer in our house from any other computer, and any file from any computer. We have one computer that acts as a server. So if I am taking pictures, I can load them onto any computer, and later I want to blog about it, I can use any computer to access the picture.

My husband; the plumber, wood-worker, electrician (more on that later), and the IT nerd!

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