Sunday, May 31, 2009


It was great to get back home from working in Cincinnati all week but it didn't turn into the best Friday evening.

Being gone all week I had a few man chores to catch up on. The lawnmower has been giving me problems lately and of course it was doing it again. End of last summer a coworker of mine (Thanks Danker!) and I tore the whole thing apart, cleaned it up, and put it all back together. It was running great. This spring, I got it fired up and sucked up all the leaves and it was working great. Didn't have to mow for a few weeks and thats when the trouble started. It would run for 2-3 minutes fine and then die. I tried fiddling with everything but couldn't get it to run well.

Finally on Friday after getting 2/3 of the front lawn completed... CLINK, CLINK, CLINK, BANG! Oh boy. Tore the lawnmower apart and this is what I found...

The piston rod had blown up inside the engine. I found about 10 large pieces and rest was rubble.

Time for an upgrade! Meg and I went and picked up a new one the same night as I knew it would cost me more to fix this then buy a new one.

Little bit of an upgrade don't you think?!? Went with a Toro. It was a reconditioned model and about half the price of the other mowers I wanted.

Thanks Dad for giving me your baby and letting me blow it up:)

In the midst of trying to fix the lawnmower I hear a scream from around the corner of the garage. I knew Megan was doing some landscaping and I freaked out a little bit. She comes running around the corner and take a look at this...

She got pooped on!!! HAHA, and she even let me take a picture, what a good sport!

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