Friday, May 1, 2009

100 Miles of Fun

Annie, Ali, and I participated in something new this year - we went "garage sale"ing. But not just any garage sale - we went for the biggest around - the 100 Miles Garage Sale. Formally the 80 Mile Garage Sale. Wow- this is some serious business. While we may have been Garage Sales Newbies - we are hooked! This is going to become an annual event. We had such a blast- All finding treasures, losing some treasures to ladies that were more pro at this than us, and enjoying our time together. We stopped at a great dinner along the way and had an awesome Pepin Burger- and got some kettle korn and cheese corn (man I wish I would have gotten those mini doughnuts!). I will post pictures later - and don't worry - almost all of our finds will require a before and after - which I will post as well.

All- in- all it was a great day with great weather - all while we should have been at work :)

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  1. How fun! What did you all get??? And where is this garage sale? I've never heard of it in MN.