Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend Summary

The long weekend was great! We definately fit a ton into a short amount of time!

Friday morning Nate and I went shopping for his Dad's birthday present. We also picked up a nice 'Pubs of Iowa City' poster! I was super excited because it had Marco's Grill Cheese Stand on there - Nate loved it because it had the Sports Column (his favorite bar - and the bar where we met). Then we went to lunch with Matt at Quintin's. We then proceeded to go on a mini bar crawl to the new bars downtown. Where Nate's credit card was stolen - well given to the wrong person- crappy! We then drove to Cedar Rapids with Nate's parents to have dinner with the Zittergruen side of the family, before Grandma went off to Arizona. Finally back to Iowa City to hang out with the crew at Ben and Missy's place.

Saturday Mary, Leon, Nate and I went for a hike to enjoy the nice weather. Frist we went to the Raptor center. Where I decided that I needed a Long Eared Owl for a pet. (See picture below). It was by far the cutest little thing - it is about the size of a pop bottle.

After the Raptor Center, we went to a place called Fossil Gorge. It is an area that was flooded in 1993 (and again in 2008) and when the flood waters went down, a bunch of fossils were exposed that proved that Iowa was once an ocean (Billions of years ago). It was pretty cool. Mike and Katie stopped by with Melanie in the afternoon. We then had some fun frying up a turkey and making homemade funnel cake (last minute addition to the meal - when I said that it sounded good - and Mary magically had a funnel cake kit!). Then out for a drink with Nate's cousins and their wives. Then to the bar to meet up with Missy and Ben - and finally I got my Marco's Grill Cheese and I was happy.

Sunday morning was Church, Brunch with the Goedken's, and then the long drive home!

All-in-all a fun and busy weekend. Sorry there aren't more pictures, but we forgot that we had our camera with!

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