Friday, June 1, 2012


Nate and I have the cutest Niece in the world... and it was so fun to spend the entire memorial day weekend with her.

Nate brought some cake-pops to share.  I think they were mainly for him and Kendall, but he let the rest of us have some too.

Kendall - drunk off red velvet :)

If you are looking for any cakes or cake-pops for parties - seriously you need to check out Taste of Love Bakery - here

Don't mind me- just playing on my iPad while eating cheese.  (Beer in the wine class is Nana's - don't worry)

 Enjoying a snack on the boat...

 Helping Papa drive...

Kenall finally said 'Nate' this weekend.  Still has yet to say Megan... if you ask her to say it, she says 'babies' or 'babies mommy'  :)

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