Friday, October 16, 2009

Foosball Week 6

"Now, Iowa could lose their next two games and make their Penn State victory moot. But today, at the halfway point, no moment looms larger than the instant in which Adrian Clayborn decided that Iowa would contend for the Big Ten title too" - Random blogger website, this gets me a little excited:)

Really good to see this guy back. Stay healthy!

Hawks are 6-0, Play Wisconsin this week, too bad the Badgers blew it to OSU, could have been the game of the year!

ISU - 3-3, have lost 2 close ones in a row, should be an easy week against Baylor
Minnesota - 4-2, Penn St in Happy Valley, GOOD LUCK!
SDSU - 4-1, back home against North Dakota State
St. Thomas - 5-0, biggest game of the year against St. John's this week

Lone Tree - 2-5, Talked to Coach Mikey last weekend, pretty bummed right now, keep your dauber up.
City High - 7-0, I had flashbacks to "I didn't read my D-sheet", keep it up Little Hawks
Eastview - 4-2
Lakeville - 4-2
Eden Prairie - 7-0, looks like another championship
Elk River - 1-6, COME ON KEITH!

CR Kennedy - 27-3, final rankings put them at #3. Good luck cuz

Vikes - 5-0, the old man and AP are bringin' it. First of 3 tough games in a row this week.

This is for Meg.

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