Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A day in the life....

Every once and a while, I read a blog where they write a day in their life, and I also find it so interesting.  Mine would normally not be nearly as interesting.  I did decide however, to write about this past Monday, which had some funny situations....

6:45  My alarm goes off.  I hit snooze.  Yes, I should get up and get ready before the kids wake up, but I don’t. 
6:55  My alarm goes off again.  I am trying to get out of bed. 
7:00  My dad calls.  The kids are going to their house this morning, and wanted to ask me a question.  Kendall and Brynn are already at their house. We are all still in bed.  Feel guilty enough to wake up.  
7:05  Henry and Zoey are now awake… I am sure my alarm going off twice and then a phone call woke them up.  Nate hops in the shower, while I take the kids downstairs.  I get them milk, turn of the coffee maker, and turn on the Today show.
7:15  The kids are awake enough for me to change their diapers and get them dressed.  But since they are awake enough, they are running all over the place.  Finally get both diapers changed, but now neither kid has any clothes on. 
7:25  I hear Nate finishing up upstairs; so I wrangle H and Z into their clothes and get a pony on Z. 
7:30  Zoey is upstairs bringing every single pair of our shoes to me and Nate.  Finally get shoes on both of them, and get them into the van.  Nate is off to my parent’s house for drop off.
7:32  I hop in the shower, once again annoyed with myself for not getting up earlier… I will be at work late.
8:00  Grab my breakfast and lunch and head to work.
4:30  Leave work to head for my Parents house to pick up the kids.
5:00  I arrive at my parent’s house, and both kids run screaming to me because they are so excited to see me.  Best feeling in the world.  Brynn and Kendall are just leaving too, so I am excited I got to see them.  My parents fill me in on the day, how they ate, and napped and pooped.  They think that Z is a little constipated.   My parents help me get them and the car seats and the stroller in the car, and we are off… with the kids saying ‘byeeee papa’ the whole way. 
5:15  I get home.  Nate is not home yet, which is unusual, but he had to make a pit stop.  I unload the kids in, and try to herd them into the house – since it is 100 degrees today.  As soon as we get inside, Zoey goes to the refrigerator and gets her and Henry’s milk out – which is an everyday thing. Rather than whining for food, they actually decide to play in the living room.  I start to unload the dishwasher, when I think about how quite it is.  I walk into the living room and see the kids staring at a pile of cat puke. Gross.  I quickly clean that up.  Then I look at Henry, and notice that he has cat throw up on the front of his shirt… like he put it in his mouth and spit it back out.  Insert major gagging here.   Get Henry cleaned up.  Finishing emptying the dishwasher, when Henry pulls one of his spoons out.  I let him play with it while I start making dinner.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see Henry and Zoey wrestling over the spoon, and then Zoey screams.  Henry bit her.  Hard.  I quickly put Henry in the chair for a time out.  I go back to comfort Z.  There is not blood, but you can clearly see the teeth dents.  Poor Zoey is crying so hard that she throws up.  I quickly clean that up, while still holding Zoey.  And notice that there is a bad smell… coming from her diaper. 
5:25 Dad walks in the door.  Bad timing.  Hand him a now calmer Z so he can change her diaper while I have a talk with Henry.  Nate notices cat puke in the basement. (If you are worried about the cats, don’t be… this is normal for Pepper, she does this at least once a week).  So not only does he had to change one of the worse diapers in a long time, but he has to clean up cat vom.  And I thought it would be a good idea to have refried black bean burritos. 
5:30  We sit down for dinner.  The kids and I eat great.  Nate could only eat one... wonder why? 
5:40  Zoey is now sitting facing the corner in her high chair, because she was throwing food.
5:50  We are done with dinner and cleaning up.  We then get the kids into their swimsuits and pack a bag to go to the splash pad.  It is most likely the last warm day for the summer, and we want to enjoy it.
6:00  We arrive at the splashpad… it is only about 2 miles from our house, and our friends pull up right behind us.  Their daughter Eleanor is goes to school with H and Z, so we plan to get together once a week (at least)
6:30  The kids are playing so hard… when suddenly Zoey trips and skins her knee.  Nothing a little kiss, band-aid, and gram cracker can’t fix, and they are all back in the water. 
7:00 The kids are starting to hit the wall, so we sit them at the picnic table and give them some snacks.  Finally, we take off their suits and change them into a dry diaper and load up the car.
7:10  We get home, Zoey grabs the milk, and we head downstairs to decompress and get their PJs on. 
7:30  PJs on, books read, and we bring the kids to their room for bed.  Nate and I have a very easy routine for bed… we put them in their cribs, give Zoey a nuk for her mouth and one for her hand, give kisses, and shut off the light.  We never have to go in their to tell them to go to sleep, and they leave each other alone.  Sometimes they will talk to themselves, but overall we have it pretty easy.  If you hate me right now... please see 5:15 and Cat puke, biting, human puke, poop...   
7:35  Nate and I finish cleaning up downstairs.  This usually involves putting all their toys away, sweeping up the dining room, re-organizing all their shoes, etc.
8:00:  Nate heads to the daycare to help out with some Handy Man stuff, while I choose to be lazy on the couch and watch American Ninja warrior
9:30 I head to bed, allowing myself 30 minutes to read... and decompress
10:15  Okay, maybe 45 minutes to read... finally turning off the light

So there you have it... a day in my life... with twins.

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  1. So did you take the next day off to recover? Because that sounds exhausting!