Friday, October 19, 2012

Bath Pictures

Here is the thing about bath time in the Schlueter household... H and Z have SOOO much fun, and Nate and I laugh non stop at them.  Yet we have only gotten a few blurry pictures of this.  Why? Because while they are sitting up quite well, when they get excited, they tend to fall over.  And they get really excited in the bath.  So we are all hands on deck for bath time.  (And by the end, both Nate and I have soaking wet shirts from their splashing.)

But because I was curious about Z's head, so while Nate held both of them, I quickly grabbed my phone (no time for the good camera) and snapped 2 pictures.

Pre- Helmet again
Helmet - 1 week

Up close - 1 Week

I really do think that there is a difference?  Do you?

Is this going to be the longest going Before and After ever?? 

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