Friday, September 21, 2012

So this happened...

The other day Nate called me outside to look at something... what I saw made me want to cry.  Our large tree in the back yard was literally breaking in half.

The first month that we moved into our house we lost half of the tree in our front yard, and while that sucked, we don't hang out in our front yard like we do our back yard.  This tree provides such nice shade.

Nate and his dad tied the tree together with a chain - so it wouldn't fall on our house, and then we called the power company.  There is a power line really close to this tree.  Luckily, the power company thinks that they only need to take half of the tree, and they will cut it for us.

But I am still very sad... we have no idea what happened to make the tree split like this - but the split was getting bigger and bigger by the day.  I will post pictures of the tree post hair cut... and hopefully he is not embarrassed.  (That is a reference to when my mom made me get my hair cut, and I walked around with a towel on my head for a week - yep I was 4).

There will be no tree house for the kiddos in this tree... guess we will just have to move :)

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