Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Nate Update :)

The twins are doing well, Henry has been home for two nights now and is doing really well. If Z can be as easy going as Henry then we will have no problems! Wishful thinking....

Zoey is still at the hospital and we will still be making trips over (with Henry) to see her. She has another apnea scan next week and that will determine whether or not she goes home on a monitor. But either way we should have her home with her brother by Thursday next week!

I thought I would throw in a few of my favorite pictures so far...

 Zoey looks like she's getting ready to brave a snow storm. Our hospital room has a window which is nice but the temperature changes during the day/night are ridiculous...

 This pretty much describes the twins. Hank is always mellow and calm, Zoey is always squirming and grunting. We may have a little drama on our hands.


Just after Henry's arrival home. Sorry about the boogers :)

I also would like to thank everyone for there calls, emails, messages, and gifts. Couldn't make it through this without you all. We are really looking forward to everyone getting to meet the little ones!


  1. I love the last photo! Praying Zoey passes her test with flying colors!

  2. Beautiful! Made my heart melt a little!

    My Maxwell is 9 months and this reminded me of how precious the newborn time is - although you've probably heard all that from relatives!

    love your blog


  3. Oh my goodness! The one of them kissing is the cutest thing ever! I can't wait to see more pics of them together now that they're home. :)