Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

The day after Thanksgiving for most people is for shopping - for me it means I can decorate for Christmas tree!

Nate and I 'went to the dark side' as my parents say, and got an artificial tree. I did have a lot of trouble with this, and may have been on the verge of tears in Menards, but I knew it was better in the long run with our cats.

I do have to say, the tree is my favorite one so far! I went with all red, white and silver ornaments this year - had plenty let over from the wedding.

I currently have quite the obsession with Owls - so this is a new ornament, and it is my favorite on the tree:

Colby just loves the tree skirt - he sleeps there all day. While there are now presents under the tree - he still sneaks in and sleeps there.

I know - Colby, we are mean parents, but we unpacked the hat that you got last year from Jan and Keith and had to see how you looked in it - he looks so ashamed. Sorry Colby!

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