Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ashley's Chicago Wedding

A few weekends ago we had our first family vacation out of state.  We went to Chicago for Nate's cousin's wedding.  We went a few days early to enjoy Chicago - more pictures of that later... 

I had more fun picking out what Henry and Zoey were going to wear than what I was going to wear... so of course we needed a family picture. 

Yeah - like that was going to be easy...

We did manage to get a someone decent one.... Henry takes after his dad... cant put the drink down long enough for a picture... Kidding :)

 Ashley was beautiful, and I think that Zoey thought that she was a princess - she went right up to her for a picture!

 The kids tore up the dance floor... it was too funny.  This one melted my heart!  

I think that Henry was off flirting with the bridesmaids.....

Congrats to Ashley and Mike!!  It was such a wonderful wedding. 

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